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The feeling of being "at home" can't be bought, however, because it comes from an intimate relationship between us and our most personal place. Like other love affairs, this one shapes us just as we shape it. We lavish not only money but also our time and creativity on our homes, and in return, they give us comfort, pleasure and sanctuary.

We worry a lot about how our homes look, but how they make us feel, emotionally and physically, is far more important. That costly renovation or those silky sheets matter less than whether our living spaces nourish who we are, buffer us from stress, and provide opportunities both for privacy and for socializing with family and friends. From a rented studio to a sprawling McMansion, any home can become the foundation for a better life—all for the price of fresh thinking.”

Above is an extract that we at Kasu’s Interiors firmly believe in and it is how we keep  us motivated, captivated and inspired to give our best to each individual client.

The KI team is a dynamic group of family members with very creative backgrounds such as banking, Information Technology and Interior manufacturing fields. The KI team has worked on some of the finest residential, corporate and government projects. Their focus is on style, unique designs all with an affordable price tag.

We not your average interior design & decorating team, with the full understanding of the fundamentals of interior design we instinctively put together taste, style, pattern and colour to create you a home, space or office - which is a pleasure to live & work in. Good interior design is about creating real homes and spaces that work for the people living in them with elegance and timeless appeal.

Gadija Kasu

Yakoob Kasu

She started up Kasu’s Interiors Co. in January 1998. She worked for the Nedcor Group for 23 years and comes with experience in all departments, as

well as a managerial position. She serves on the Executive board of SAWEN. She is also a life member of Mogamadien Kadrie Jamaah, an NGO who operates in the Townships and works for the upliftment and religious education for the less privileged. Currently also holds position of Treasurer for the Kasu Family Trust Fund.

Holds position of senior consultant at KI. He has an extensive background in the IT sector working around Africa. He lends his knowledge to KI broadening its capabilities with the latest IT trends. He also designed and redesigned the KI website.

With all his hidden talents and vast knowledge in many fields, Yakoob brings creativity to KI to a new level.

Brings to KI 35 years of experience in curtain making, design and quality control. He is currently the Operations/ and Production manager and oversees all production in KI.

He hails from one of the biggest furniture design companies, INNOVATION where held the position of manager.

Shafi Kasu